We are HALF way into 2019 already- can you believe it? It’s a great time to create a Vision Board as a team or company. The creative process grants new fresh ideas and inspiration and helps bring a new and recharged focus to you and your team’s goals and work.


Simply put, the a-ha’s and new ideas that come from the process ROCK!


And there are many different ways to create a vision board. Online with images, with good ol’ paper, scissors and glue, having a conscious intentional setting sort of way, or a trust your gut and intuition and let whatever happens and shows up BE OK. ⚡️ 


And why do Vision Boards work? Well, images speak the language of our inner guidance system in ways we’re often not even conscious of and these ideas, a-has and solutions are percolating just below our subconsciousness are brought up and into our reality. 


BOOM. Powerful


That is the power of the Vision Board process. Make a commitment to create one with your team and experience the results. 


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