Are you ready to:

  • Get clear on what you really want in your business and life?

  • Trust your gut?

  • Shift negative self-judgement and comparison

  • …and feel the results?


If you answered ‘Um, yah!’ then this program is for you… 



During this program you will:

    • Learn what it takes to Live Boundless in your work and life

    • Create juicy clear goals you can really sink your teeth into and shift from apathy and lack of direction to real mojo and clarity

    • Learn my number one method to structure what you really want to get and keep your goals in motion today and every day

    • Widen your sandbox: optimize your physical, social and mental environments

    • Break through mental mojo setbacks with two powerful ninja tricks


You owe it to your business and yourself to get the structure and support to set yourself up right for the New Year, so come January 1st you don’t have to do a detox and figure out what you want to be doing in your business and life.

What’s included:


    • 5 videos where each topic will be covered and assignments given.
    • 2 Q&A Zoom video calls with Anne Marie and other group members where you can ask questions and gain group wisdom, experience, knowledge, insights and a-ha’s.
    • Access and participation in closed secret Facebook group where you can ask questions and gain group wisdom a-ha’s from fellow participants.


Regularly, these trainings are offered at $997.

However because I want this to be a no brainer for you, I’m offering it at a super low price of just $197!

Here are the most common questions people ask when deciding to invest in themselves and this program:

Will this work for me?

This is such a great question and I’m so glad people ask me this because the answer is Yes it will work for you IF you watch the videos and do the assignments! 

Can I just learn this stuff from all the free stuff out there?

Absolutely you can, however, instead of wasting hours googling and trying to figure out what system to use,  I’m offering you my program that I’ve been adding, tweaking, revising and mastering now for over two decades by studying the various personal growth and business masters and seeing the results of my clients. 

I’m new to this whole online thing, will it be easy to follow as I’ve never taken an online course before. 

Yes, it will be very easy to follow. The 5 teaching videos are stored on a password protected site you’ll have access to watch at your convenience. Additionally, there will be 2 live calls with me to guide you through the assignments and questions, as well as a Private Facebook page to ask me any question. 

I need to get other things done first, then I can do the program….

Okay, I’ll be honest with you- you will ALWAYS have something that feels like you need to do or manage before you can jump into a program. And this is probably the very thing that is often holding you back from living boundless in many areas of your life. 

My invitation to you is to allow yourself to do the program. And if you really need to get other things done first, no problem because you will have access to these teaching videos and assignments always.

“My favorite part for the program was the live online connections with Anne Marie Radford Sebastiani and group members. Feeling and hearing support and ideas from others and the energy that brought was powerful.

Biggest take away from the program is knowing I can do this and we all have something inside of us waiting to bloom and grow and develop. We can make it happen. Put it out there. Share about it. Realize it. Go after it. Welcome others to support you or get out of your way.”

~ Renea Magnani, Educator