How to Stop Playing Small

and Start Owning Your Brilliance! 


Are you ready to:

  • Trust your gut

  • Shift negative self-talk

  • Get clear on what you really want in your life

  • and feel the results?

If so, this program is for you… 



Together during this program you will:


    • Create goals you can really sink your teeth into and shift from apathy and lack of direction to real mojo and clarity.
    • Learn my number one method to structure what you really want to get and keep your goals in motion today and every day.
    • Break through mental mojo setbacks and low confidence with three powerful ninja skills.
    • Widen your sandbox: optimize your physical, social and mental environment


Are you ready to circle up begin? Program Begins September 29th.


What’s included:

    • 5 videos- one weekly covering each topic
    • 5 Q&A Zoom video calls with Anne Marie and other group members where you can ask questions and gain group wisdom, experience, knowledge, insights and a-ha’s.
    • Access and participation in closed secret Facebook group where you can ask questions and gain group wisdom a-ha’s from fellow participants.


I’ve offered these trainings to live audiences and workshops for over a decade and am excited to bring this to an online platform- where you can learn, act and create at your own space, pace and place!



















Regularly, these trainings would be offered at $1497, however because this is my first time offering these online I’m offering this program at a super low introductory price of just $397.


 FAQ EMAIL [needs to be on my sales page]:

Answering their objections. 

It’s a mini sales page



Will this work for me?

Specific- AM i ready for this _ specific

This is such a great questions- I’m so glad you’re asking this- (then yes, no- tied to your module of yoru program)

Can I just learn this stuff from all the free stuff out there (answer- absolutely you can, instead of wasting all this time googling and knowing)

I already know what to do, just don’t do it.

I’m currently in another program, is it a good idea to take both at the same.

I already have a coach/therapist (have it complement _ AWESOME- this will already how to connect with what you’re doing with your xxx to xxx

I”m new to this whole xxx thing- will it be easy to follow

I’ve never taken online course before. 

I need to get other things done first, then I can do….

LIVE BOUNDLESS sounds amazing, but I’m looking at my cashflow will this investment work for me?

My plate is full, will this really shave hours off my work week

I have other obligations during the program…


Wow, this sounds amamzing can you remind me of everything in the program again (close it out- Of course explain and give a garauntee)



[CREATE A BUTTON] For people to sign up today for $397

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Regularly, these trainings would be offered at $1497,

However, because this is my first time offering these online,

I’m offering this program at a s low introductory price of just $397. 


AND for YOU I’m offering it at the super love price of just $197!



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