Last week before bedtime my 5 year son happily asked “Can I get a pair of slippers? So I’m cozy in the morning, and I’ll have them for Christmas morning?”

Now, it’s April mind you, so it’s a bit cute that he’s already thinking ahead to Christmas.

“Sure,” I say, thinking he could actually use a pair of slippers.

And sure enough the next morning he further asked if we can get them after school and if we’re going to get them today.

“Sure’ I say, because it would actually be a fun activity after school to do together.

After school we arrive at the store and proceed to find a perfect pair of white cozy slippers. They’re adorable on him and they have just his size.

And as we leave the store with his new slippers in tote, I wondered to myself why my other two kids didn’t have a pair of slippers…

And then it HIT me.

They’ve never ASKED!

What I am getting at here and learning more and more in the work I do and my own life is this:

We’re never going to get the things we desire if we don’t even ASK!

It’s so simple and yet so profound.

So here’s my challenge for you this week:

ASK for something you desire. Heck, make it small if you want. Just ASK!

And see what happens.

If you get a yes, fabulous!

If you get a no, fabulous! At least you asked. And from there you can course correct and keep going.


P.S. Now, do not let a no detour you. I’ll tell you- No’s have NEVER kept my 5 year old from continuing to ask for things. 🙂

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