Are you ready to implement a meditation practice you LOVE and feel the results in your life? This program is for YOU!

 Why have a mindful meditation practice? 

    • It literally changes your brain! The amygdala is usually aroused when detecting and reacting to difficult emotions such as fear. Following a mindfulness meditation practice, the amygdala is less activated and has less gray matter!- you become less reactive.
    • It reduces stress and burn out.
    • You gain greater compassion and self compassion.
    • You gain a greater sense of joy and overall happiness.

What People Are Saying About the Program:

The calming routine before I start my day is so valuable. I grab my phone and jump into FB to find the recording, but I am not checking other pictures or messages in my feed. It’s becoming a good habit for me! Thank you! Elizabeth Tapia, Educator and School Leader


…I feel so much clarity right now (which is a rare commodity in my brain these days!) These audio recordings are a life saver!

Laura Jacobs Montenegro, Cognitive Leadership Coach 

The Program:

    • 21 audio recordings to guide you each day!
    • Each daily recording increased by thirty seconds daily starting at 2:30 min up to 12 minutes.
    • Additional videos to explain 1. How to prep your for success on your way to 21 Days of mindful meditation 2. Steps for Success 3. How to mindfully meditate.
    • All housed in a secret Facebook Group
    • Entire program investment $149 

**SPECIAL** Just $79 for 21 Day Imperfect Mindful Meditation Mastery Program!